Paid Sick Leave

All employees start accruing hours for paid sick leave after the start of employment at a rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked.  You can use the paid sick leave hours accumulated to get paid for the time you were scheduled to work (or would be scheduled to work), but could not work since you're sick or taking care of a family member who's sick.  If you are scheduled for a shift and you get sick you'll need to inform us as soon as you know or at least 2 hours prior to your shift getting started, unless it's a sudden illness or emergency.  This is a benefit required by the city of San Francisco and state of California for a good cause and we're happy to provide it to our staff.  To prevent abuses of this policy, we might ask for documentation if we have a reasonable basis for suspecting misuse (such as calling sick on a day that one's time offrequest has been denied, or certain days where many others have taken off and we've sent a notice that we won't accept any more time off requests).  Paid Sick Leave could be accrued up to 72 hours.  You can check your pay stubs to see how much time you have accrued, it shows in payroll under PTO.

Important: To streamline the PTO usage, we've created an online form to request to use the hours for the covered reasons.  Please note that you still need to call and email the managers if you cannot keep your scheduled shift for ANY reason.  This form is to be used afterwards.